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Welcome to Shipper!

Are you new to Shipper? Read Getting Started

Is this a new Shipper Database? Read Get Started with a New Shipper Database

What's the latest? Check out the Release Notes

Are you Looking for help? Check out our Knowledge Base, or you can email [email protected]

Let's get you started right.

We know that using a new piece of software can be intimidating. Don't worry! Once you learn just a few key things, you'll find that ShipperXL is very consistent, and easy to use. It will take some time for you and the software to understand each other, so be patient with yourself and with the software too.

We have a Knowledge Base of useful information ( that will help guide you in most cases. We suggest that you start by reading the Getting Started guide. It'll only take a few minutes.

One of the best things about ShipperXL is that you "enter it once, and report on it many times and in many ways". When doing you data entry, you might find it useful to see our list of Example Screens, and Example Reports. These just show you what kind of data to enter, and where it might show up on a report.

Many people find it useful to send us an example of a single Booking, Order, Invoice, and Documentation -- everything you would normally use for an order. We'll enter it into your database for you so you can have a real example. This usually fast-tracks your configuration too since we'll do a bit of that for you.

If you'd like to add other people to your subscription, it's easy! Just follow the Logins, Accounts, and Access Instructions.

Thanks for using ShipperXL. We hope you'll like it!

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