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ShipperXL has so many features that you would get bored just reading the list.  It manages data from procurement, inbound inventory, sales, support, plant operations, outbound inventory, export documentation, freight forwarding, accounting, and more in-between. The system also integrates with scale systems, mobile handheld scanners (for inventory), and QuickBooks.

Ocean Freight

ShipperXL takes information about Bookings and Cargo and makes those available for many reports.  To insure container number accuracy, a special algorithm is used to verify the check digit of each container, catching mistakes before they become costly.  If you use a Freight Forwarder, they can log in to the system to keep your bookings up-to-date and verify information with carriers without the need for phone calls, emails, etc.

Create export documentation and certificates quickly and easily without re-entering data.  When you're done, create an invoice with just a few clicks and it can be automatically be copied to QuickBooks.

Orders & Inventory

Purchase Contracts and Sales Orders and key pieces of the system which allow you to track your orders for both inbound and outbound inventory, or simple back-to-back trades.  Many reports and features support making this process as easy and complete as possible.

Track your inventory for a point-in-time, or in real-time.  Handheld barcode scanners eliminate data entry errors and paperwork delays. Integrate with your truck scale to capture weights without transcription errors, connecting the weight with the correct cargo.

The goal of all these systems is to allow operations staff to run the plant with as little paper as possible, increasing accuracy and timeliness of information.  

Domestic Freight

There are many errors made by trucking companies from lost or inaccurate paperwork.  Using ShipperXL, all inbound and outbound cargo is tracked along with the various companies involved in each load. For point-to-point or multi-point traffic, the system's Traffic Center tracks it all quickly and easily.

For each reporting cycle, you can reconcile your vendor invoices and then automatically create Bills in QuickBooks for subsequent payment.  Once again, this simplifies data entry, reducing duplicate data entry.

Using our Event Manager and Work Scheduler tools, you can create inbound and outbound schedules for your key vendors and send them regular, automated schedules.

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